Vitamin C and GMO


I read Natural News daily as a standard to my four main sources of news, although I have over two dozen independent news sites that I can peruse through.  I don’t watch TV news as it has become an insulting joke in the last two decades.  I like to stay current on what foods are being polluted to what extent as it changes almost on a daily basis, and Natural News will dig beyond the US censorship of news to other countries that are willing to publish things critical of big Ag, Big Pharma, and Monsanto.  In addition, it will cover stories that are important for consumers to know whereas corporate news doesn’t.

So, I’ll stop waxing political for awhile and tell you what I learned.  Most vitamin supplements and supplements in general contain GMO ingredients, vitamin C being no exception.  The C is taken from GMO corn.  If it’s cheap.  It’s probably GMO.  I just bought an 8 oz jar of C from Trader Joes for cheap.  I’m throwing it out today.  Even if there is no clear proof that the C still contains elements of genetic pollution, I will non the less refuse to prop up a system of growing food that is making people sick.

So, is there GMO free vitamin C out there?  Yes, but…  Here is the other thing about C.  The crystals you buy are not the whole package of C.  There are other nutrients, because C is more than one ingredient, that go along with C that are not present in the crystaline form.  You need to get it in your food so it’s not destroyed by heat or processing.  Yet, much fruit is vitamin C deficient.  In other words because of over breeding, bad soil practices, etc, we are not getting the C we most likely need.  Even there is disagreement on this.  How much do we need and how much is in our food.  I think it’s best to start practicing eating wild foods.  Foods that haven’t been tampered with by agriculture techniques.  The health food industry calls them super foods like bee pollen, spirulina, etc.  For C, I would recommend taking powdered form of the whole foods Acerola Cerry or Camu Camu. Both are high in C, real C as in the whole food package.  Plus they have the added advantage of being more wild and therefore less tampered with.  Acerola is expensive. You can get it online.  I would buy it from Mountain Rose Herbs as I am familiar with their service and reputation for organic and high quality ingredients.  Acerola Cherry is about ten bucks for four ounces and Camu Camu is about eighteen.  I would say that four ounces is enough to get you through the cold and flu season.

How much to take a day?  I could go with the old natural: take as much as your body wants method, which has done me well.  I will update the blog when I find out how much is in each gram.  I had used rose hip powder for making “Vitamin C” pills.  I did this last cold and flu season.  I bought a bag of rose hip powder from Mountain Rose, and here is what I did.

Vitamin C Pills

Rose hip powder


Cocoa Powder or Carob Powder

Mix these all together to make a stiff dough and form into balls and let dry.  I store them in an airtight container in the frig or out of the frig.  The above picture that I snagged off the internet is what they look like only darker with the cocoa powder.  They’re kind of chewy when you eat them, but they are dry otherwise.

Update: Another thing about C.  It kills mold in your body.  Why is this important?  Well, mold disarms your white blood cells from doing their job, that is surrounding an taking out pathogens.  This Fall, I fell sick around grape harvest time when a lot of mold containing soil is being lifted into the air by harvesters; I had not been taking my C.  I felt sick again this week after doing a lot of sweeping and raking that raised a lot of dust.  In fact, I feel sick anytime I get dusty in the garden, so this time I was armed with rose hip powder I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I’ve been spooning that into my grape juice and drinking that to replace the sweat.


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